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GLOSS – Beyond Our Stompin Ground – Fulfill the Greatness We Have Inside

Accepting Only God’s Best for Our Lives 

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Beyond Our Stompin Ground – Fulfill the Greatness We Have Inside

Last year, I was able to pursue one of my dreams—the opportunity to be used by God beyond the boundaries of familiarity—my friends, church, neighbors and country. I traveled with a mission group to Spur Tree, Jamaica to serve at a 5-day camp for 60 teens selected from the Child Development Agency (CDA). My experience was so enlightening that I recently served again!! gotelltheworld

This year, I served as a Camp Counselor for the Pink Team, interacting with a delightful group of young ladies, helping them establish a plan of action for when they become eighteen and are no longer a part of the foster care system. Like America’s foster care system, CDA is an executive agency of the Jamaican government that has statutory responsibility for children who are in need of care and protection. Many of the teens at camp have been abused, neglected or abandoned. The foremost reason the mission team travels to Jamaica is to provide motivation and practical services to teenagers aging out of the foster care system. I am humbled that I could play a role in making their lives better. This year, my 80-year old grandmother attended with me. The impact that she made on them was phenomenal.

It is not until we get beyond our stompin’ ground to do something for God that costs us our time, money and talent can we begin to fulfill the greatness we have inside.

I have committed to the April 2015 mission team and invite you to join me or donate towards the $1,200 needed. I am asking for 100 donations of at least $12. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Support Cherise for April 2015 Jamaica Mission

Give Online
Go to: http://www.dbc.org/jamaica and Click “Give as Guest”

Cherise M. Davis

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