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Accepting Only God’s Best for Our Lives 

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Growth in Gloss: Transform in 2018

GLOSS Jan BlogHappy New Year GLOSS Family & Supporters of GLOSS
Does the launch of a new year excite you?  It excites me!  GLOSS is beginning this 2018 year with excitement too!  We are so glad to be hosting new member intake during the month of January!  We are confident that families with daughters ages 5 to 16 in the Woodbridge, VA and Decatur, GA areas will be blessed by getting involved!  We will also be inducting a new line of Butterflies—GLOSS members who have completed our rites of passage program!  As the Founder of GLOSS, it brings me so much joy to see young ladies, families and volunteers actively engaged in this amazing organization!


A new year may also stir a deep desire to transform an area of your life?  Most of us do! The follow up question is, are you ready to partner your hopes with discipline and action?  Though challenging, I can say that I am!  Hopefully you are too!  My 31st birthday was nearly 4 weeks ago.  To celebrate, I hosted a dinner party with my parents and a few friends. For me, the party was more than just a celebration!  It was the launching pad for my 2018 year!  My party guest and I clipped our visions (goals) for the upcoming year and made it plain!


Consider cutting out some images and words from magazines that resonate with you and glue them on bright orange paper like we did!  Incredible opportunities await you in 2018!


Check out my personal vision board!
vision board

Cherise Davis
GLOSS Executive Director


Flutter, Blossom & Shine in September!

GLOSS Sept Blog

Hello GLOSS Family!

Do you know what I love most about September—other than the seemingly perfect weather?!  I love September because it’s when we kick off the new GLOSS year! We will have the opportunity to reconnect in/person on September 15 for our first Friday night Butterfly Cafe!!  I can see it now–snacks and lots of giggles!
This 2017-2018 year will be very special. We have new young ladies joining the Sisterhood! Our returning Butterflies will have the opportunity to shine as they lead these caterpillars to their crossover experience in December!  We also have new volunteers leaders on board.  Let’s love on them like Colossians 3 calls us to!  I must also acknowledge two exciting key leadership promotions!  GA’s former Chapter Director, Monique McEwen is now serving as the Membership Director for all of GLOSS. Her successor is Alexcia Moore, the GA’s former service project organizer.  Our VA Chapter Director, Twayna Winston is ready to blossom with her volunteer team!
GLOSS thrives because of God’s grace and selfless women who desire to see young ladies accept only God’s best for their lives.


Let’s look on to this year with anticipation as we flutter to 12 years old! Anticipate our GLOSS Butterflies and Caterpillars loving God more! Anticipate our leaders and volunteers receiving deep fulfillment in their serving! Anticipate opportunities for positive exposure–people, companies and other organizations seeing the value of GLOSS! Anticipate lots of eating, laughing and learning!  Anticipate our young ladies look forward to coming to Butterfly Cafe on Friday nights!  Anticipate the launch of our new Beyond My Stomping Ground program!


I’m SO excited!! Join me in praying for GLOSS to be a display of God’s splendor for the world to see!


Let’s “Flutter, Blossom & Shine”!


Cherise M. Davis


GLOSS Makes its Mark – featured in the JLA Magazine


“Women should serve in volunteer capacities because it’s an opportunity for them to utilize their gifts and talents in ways that enhance the lives of others” – Cherise Davis.

GLOSS’ Executive Director, Cherise Davis was recently quoted in the Fall 2016 Junior League of Atlanta (JLA) Peachtree Papers, the organization’s quarterly magazine. Cherise along with GLOSS were featured in the article “Making their Mark”, which highlighted JLA members and how they find passion in serving the community. Cherise is an active member of JLA and serves as the certificate co-chair for the Leadership Institute’s Fundraising 2.0 course.

The JLA Peachtree Papers is an awesome platform to share GLOSS’ mission and to build awareness of the organization. We see that many of the values of GLOSS align with that of, JLA as it is an organization of women, committed to making lasting transformation in the Atlanta community.  It’s comprised of 3,800 of Atlanta’s most successful and powerful women.

The organization is celebrating its 100 year legacy of leadership and its ability to train women leaders to tackle tough issues impacting women and children.  JLA provides a strong foundation for civic leadership and also connects women who share a commitment to voluntarism and community transformation.

One of the greatest impacts that I believe GLOSS has had on the young ladies it serves is compelling them to accept only God’s best for their lives and inspiring them to blossom through the multiple phases of life…”


image1 image2 image4 image5


GLOSS Celebrates 10 Years in 2016!

GLOSS 10 Year Celebration

GLOSS will celebrate its 10th  anniversary this year! That’s right, GLOSS was founded in June 2006 and we’ve been going strong ever since. Thank YOU, to our members, volunteers and supporters; we couldn’t have made it this far without your constant prayers!

We are hoping that we can continue to count on you to help us reach our $10,000 fundraising goal by our milestone anniversary in June 2016.  Your pledge to give monthly or a one-time contribution will allow us to meet our goal.

You can make your pledge here.

You can make your donation here.

Thank you in advance for your contribution, and stay connected with us as we countdown to #GLOSS10YEARS.

For more information or if you have any questions – Contact Us



Safety Lessons: Guiding our GLOSS Girls

Look both ways before you cross the street!  Don’t talk to strangers!  Put your seat belt on!  Stop, Drop and Roll!  Those were just a few of the instructions that I learned as a child.  Now as an adult and the Executive Director of GLOSS, it is important to me to ensure that our young ladies learn valuable and current safety tips too.

I love that the Bible is useful for teaching young ladies what they need to know to survive and thrive during their life here on earth.  In fact, Proverbs 11:14 says

“where there is no guidance, a girl falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety”.

We were happy to have  two awesome counselors (“guest speakers”) to help guide our GLOSS girls in safety!


Internet Safety

Regina Hamilton - Social Media Safety

Regina Hamilton joined a Virginia GLOSS Chapter Butterfly Café to address tech safety.  The internet has drastically changed the way our young ladies interact with the world.  They can have access to in-depth knowledge, tools to express their creativity, and connect with people from all over the world with just a swipe.  Along with offering a fascinating and new way to connect with the world, the internet also offers new risks like social media bullying, exposure to inappropriate media and online predators.  Ms. Hamilton showed the GLOSS girls how to take advantage of the many benefits technology, while also explaining to them what is not appropriate when surfing the internet or engaging in social media.  Thanks to the modern day tech opportunity of live streaming, the Georgia Chapter was able to receive the great information Ms. Hamilton shared right along with the young ladies in Virginia!


Human Trafficking

I was able to visit with the Georgia GLOSS chapter as they welcomed Leah Clement to one of their Friday night Butterfly Cafes.  Ms. Clement is the producer on a soon to be released film Fighting For Hopecalled “‪Fighting For Hope” (www.OCFilmCo.com).  She shared about the shocking reality of modern sex trafficking in metro Atlanta and how she’s contributing to the fight to rescue victims through an upcoming film.

{Human trafficking is modern day slavery that touches every corner of the globe. This multi-billion criminal enterprise is the fastest growing crime in the world. Human trafficking involves both commercial sexual exploitation and labor servitude. The average age of entry for victims is 12-14 years old.  (Reference: http://law.ga.gov/human-trafficking)}

 If you suspect that someone is being trafficked, call 1-888-373-7800.

According to www.WellSpringLiving.com, more than 100,000 kids are trafficked for sex each month in the United States!  We can help bring that number down by following one of the challenges Ms. Clement made—avoid sharing picture posts and status updates that reveal their exact location, living patterns as well as their emotional and our mental state.  Young ladies can unintentionally attract trafficking scouters through what they share on the internet.

The struggle to ensure safety of every kind in a sin filled world is real but so are the tips and resources that are available to help us!

Here are few video links that provide additional safety tips:


Cherise M. Davis, Executive Director



Notes from the DC/MD GLOSS Chapter

It’s a new GLOSS year, so that means I have another opportunity to participate in something awesome! I get another chance to engage with amazing young ladies and to help them accept only God’s best for their lives. The DC/MD chapter is the youngest GLOSS chapter with our initial launch in February 2013, and we’re looking forward to celebrating 2 years next year!

The DC/MD Butterflies are dedicated to GLOSS and love learning and participating in Butterfly Café. For the first butterfly café in October, the DC/MD chapter welcomed a guest speaker – Ms. Ebony Lea of Ebony & Faith. Ms. Ebony had an open discussion with the ladies about the importance of being God-reliant and understanding that it’s not all about us, but always all about GOD.

photo 3

Ms. Ebony was enlightening and encouraging, the girls AND adults enjoyed how she sat down with them and had one on one time. She really took the time to understand what they deal with in their daily lives and how they could turn those situations around when they hand it over to God.

We are looking forward to an awesome GLOSS year in DC/MD. If you live in the area, we’d love to have you! We are always seeking new members, phase coaches and volunteers. Feel free to contact me at dcmdgloss@gmail.com.


Be blessed,

Glynis Jones


A New Year with the GLOSS VA Chapter

The GLOSS VA chapter led by Chapter Director Twayna Winston continues to make an impact in Virginia since its launch in January 2012. Ms. Twayna has a team of talented Phase Coaches, volunteers and parents that are eager to further the vision of GLOSS.7998

Ms. Twayna recaps the first Butterfly Café of the year:

The theme for September is “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.”  If you could have been a mirror on the wall Friday, you would have witnessed young ladies who truly enjoy being pampered. While the girls were introduced to our theme of the month, we dedicated the first meeting of the New GLOSS Year to an evening of pampering and fun. The girls received foot massages and were given a hand moisturizing cream as a token.  It was obvious the young ladies are used to being pampered. They truly enjoyed the experience and fellowship with their GLOSS sisters.

We reviewed the scripture of the month, Psalms 139:14. The girls were tasked with memorizing the scripture for the next meeting on Friday, September 26, 2014.

Homework assignment for the September 26 Butterfly Cafe:

  • Memorize the Scripture of the Month
  • Bring a Small Mirror to the Next Meeting
  • Bring the index card created at our first meeting of the 2014-15 year. The girls were asked to write their name on the card and create a quality describing themselves for each letter of their name.


Thank you Ms. Twayna and GLOSS VA for all of your hard work. We’re looking forward to a great year!


It is a New Season for GLOSS!

purple fall

Everyone has their favorite season. Seasons represent change. My favorite is Fall. I love the coolness in the air, the changing of the leaves and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I also know that Fall is soon around the corner when GLOSS’ signature program, Butterfly Café’ is set to begin.

As the Georgia Chapter Director for GLOSS, I am excited about the new season for GLOSS. I can’t wait to see the bright and smiling faces of the returning young ladies and welcoming new young ladies for another awesome GLOSS year. It is also another chance to witness the changes and spiritual growth of the young ladies we serve.

GLOSS kicks off its new season on Friday, September 12, 2014 @ 7 pm.

In this new season, GLOSS will have an opportunity to grow in the metro Atlanta area as we expand our territory and welcome new young ladies and volunteers to the GLOSS family. And most importantly, the GLOSS family will experience  new revelations from GOD as we allow him to reveal all he has in store for us.

Here’s to a New Season in GLOSS!

Monique Tatum McEwen

GLOSS Georgia Chapter Director


GLOSS Celebrates 8 Years in Style!

Do you remember turning 8 years old?  You were no longer treated like a baby.  You had your own personality, opinions, character and interests.  You pushed for what you wanted to wear, what you wanted to eat, your preference for friends and places to go.  You had few worries and no money, but high energy, boundless expectations and time was on your side.

GLOSS bounced off the walls with excitement in preparation for its 8th Anniversary celebration in Georgia.   Guests enjoyed a café-style event, entertainment, a delicious lunch menu, the Executive Director address, awards presentations, and the annual crowning of Miss Butterfly.  The young ladies and volunteers of GLOSS fashioned their casual chic attire.  The beautifully decorated tables, dimmed lighting and butterflies that hung throughout the venue presented an enchanted mood for the program.GLOSS GA 8th Anniversary Event (rgb)

The GLOSS young ladies opened the celebration with a stroll choreographed and led by dancing sensation Brittany Steele of ROAR (https://www.facebook.com/pages/ROAR-Group/425190447556272).  The captivating vocals of Kenya “Jori” Shelton (https://twitter.com/lovejori) inspired the audience.  No GLOSS event is complete without a scrumptious menu which included salads, fruit, cheeses, beverages and desserts.  Cherise M. Davis, executive director, addressed the attendees with warm words of appreciation for their support and a deep passion to thwart society’s diverse efforts to distract young ladies from accepting God’s best for their lives by increasing membership in GLOSS.  The dedicated efforts of the leadership team, members, parents and volunteers were acknowledged.  The highlight was when Chapter Director Monique McEwen had the audience holding their breath awaiting for the special announcement.  Kamiah Walker was crowned Miss Butterfly 2014-2015.  This honored title is given to the young lady who has excelled throughout the year in character, community service, commitment, and recommendation by the leadership.  Memories of the event were captured by Anthony Garvin Art. Event planning services Joni Barlow.

As GLOSS continues to not just grow older, but also to mature in God’s awesome assignment for them, exponential growth is expected.  The impact of GLOSS will be global. The seed that was planted 8 years ago is taking on God’s image, needing to prepare young ladies from 5-25 years old to become women that receives God love, His Word and acts in obedience to it.  The prayer for GLOSS is that God will send willing and able workers to serve.  Who will God send?  Hopefully, your heart is nudging you to become active in keeping our young ladies in their anointing.


GLOSS still Rocks!


See more anniversary photos on the GLOSS Facebook page!





7 Posh Summer Tips for the GLOSS Girl and Her Family

Families look forward to the summer season all year long. It’s a chance for everyone to recharge with family outings, gatherings with friends, vacations and days at the pool. You want more time for enjoying play, and a less strenuous schedule, while still keeping those young student minds sharp for the year to come.  I have 7 really simple tips that can help:

For those mandatory scheduled activities, a shared calendar works wonders at keeping the whole family on track. My son and I like to use Google calendar. You can add color-coding for each family member so that it’s easy to read, and even print it and keep it on the fridge for easy access. This way everyone knows who should be where and when.ID-10076663

Make meal time a snap. You can make meals in the Crockpot that cook during the day and are ready for consumption when everyone arrives at home; this is also a great way to avoid the extra heat that comes from using the stove. Pre-made cold salads are always quick and easy, and something where the whole family can pitch in. And you could even subscribe to a monthly service, like NatureBox, that can help you keep handy and healthy snacks around at all times.

Organize “stay-cations” for your family. A vacation doesn’t always have to be far away from home! Take advantage of the beauty and culture that are in your backyard. For example, here in Maryland, we’ve got Ocean City and the National Harbor within driving distance. Pack the family up for a road trip that can span a weekend, for a quick getaway—or even longer if you can take the time away. Ocean City has beaches, but it’s also got a kid’s amusement park, lots of boardwalk fun, and yummy summer foods—and it’s just 2 ½ hours away from the DC/Baltimore area. The National Harbor has a fantastic farmer’s market, beautiful views and a laidback atmosphere.

Update your space. Summer is the perfect time to breathe some fresh life into your home. Adding brightly colored or patterned throw pillows and lanterns to your outdoor décor; starting a flower garden; adding a soft throw blanket to your couch; switching out your rugs; adding sweet scented candles; changing out your bedding; and updating your lighting are all easy and inexpensive ways to make your home feel like new.

Reorganize your closets. Move fall and winter wardrobe items out of your closet and store them away, so that it is less cluttered. This will allow you to clearly see all of your spring and summer items, as well as note what you and your family members have enough of and what you need to purchase. This is especially helpful for children who have grown since the last warm season.

Save money by finding free family events. There is free family fun to be had all over in the summer. Look for things like free events at the library, outdoor summer concert series, outdoor movie events, yoga in the park, parades, and fairs / festivals. You can find these events by signing up for emails from your local city or county cultural partnership (like Baltimore’s Downtown Partnership), or at the individual websites of the venues you would like to visit.

Keep young minds sharp by creating a reading challenge! Have family members all choose from a list of books they would like to read, at varying levels of difficulty, and then share insight from those books with each other. These can be written reports, or just great conversation for around the dinner table.

Do you already use some of these tips? What is your favorite way to keep things orderly, fashionable and fun during the summer?


Kim Jackson is a Baltimore-based blogger, integrated marketing specialist, stylist and writer. She has written style and beauty posts for websites including COCOTIQUE, Curly Nikki, the ‘Fro Fashion Week blog, Madame Noire and Carol’s Daughter’s Transitioning Movement. You can find her regularly writing tips for living a healthy, style-savvy and well-organized life at her site, Pish Posh Perfect.