Accepting Only God’s Best for Our Lives 

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About Us



“To challenge young ladies to accept only God’s best for their lives”

Sisters of GLOSS will pursue the development and enrichment of their spiritual, physical, emotional, academic and social skills through annual special events, monthly service projects and weekly activities.

Every woman has experienced these phases.  Wise counsel is needed for each phase.  That is why ”Phase Coaches” are assigned to each group to fulfill GLOSS’s mission by encouraging, advising, and praying for the young ladies.



“To build a global sisterhood of Christ-centered young ladies and a network of resources to enhance their lives”

The vision for GLOSS is global.  GLOSS is expected to have chapters throughout the east coast, a salaried staff, over 150 Sisters and a host of volunteers in at least 3 states.  Within the next five years, GLOSS would like to triple the expectations of its current goal.

Future plans include a GLOSS TV show, a GLOSS magazine, a GLOSS store, a Baby GLOSS and GLOSSpreneur program, a GLOSS clothing line, and a GLOSS lip gloss.  God asks in Chapter 32 of Jeremiah, verse 27, “Is there anything too hard for me?” GLOSS responds by saying, “absolutely not”! GLOSS can do all things through Christ which gives the strength.



Pamper – GLOSS seeks to foster opportunities to provide minor and substantial expressions of value to the members of the GLOSS Sisterhood.

Relax – GLOSS seeks to help its members minimize internal stress and anxiousness by advising and praying for them.

Eat – GLOSS seeks to promote nutritional and tasteful eating providing a healthy mind, body and soul.

Testimonials – GLOSS seeks to maintain a safe environment for its members to communicate their ideas and learned lessons, thus inspiring other members to make wise decisions and pursue their God-given purposes.

Encourage – GLOSS seeks to motivate and serve as a support system to the members of the GLOSS Sisterhood.

Laugh – GLOSS seeks to foster and promote inner jogging also known as laughter in the lives of GLOSS members.

Learn – GLOSS seeks to teach and contribute to the development and enrichment of each GLOSS member’s spiritual, physical, emotional and social skills.